29 October 2009

Hello World!

It’s a beautiful morning in boring Lynchburg, Virginia with only my books to turn to for excitement. So I begin my first blogging experience. I love reading and usually read anything anyone will recommend. I go through phases where I prefer to read only a certain genre but I do enjoy them all. I do have a few motivations for starting this blog: a- when picking up a book, I wish there was a place I could go that could give me an honest review of the book before wasting money and space on by book shelf. B- I love coming across blogs where I find bloggers who enjoy the same books as I do, so I am writing in the hopes of giving readers the same kind of feeling. My most favorite genres are paranormal/romance, fantasy, mystery and historical fiction.
What you will find in my blog-
This blog is designed to give honest and accurate reviews of book that I read. I will also be reading book and watching movies or TV shows that have been adapted from the books and providing my opinions and comparisons. You can bet that there will be discussions about the new hit TV series the Vampire Diaries and of course the highly anticipate movie New Moon. There will also be other fun things to read and participate in, so keep reading and keep following.
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