31 August 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (30)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating. This is one of my favorite memes because not only is my TBR pile so much bigger at the end of the night but also the covers are always amazing!

This week I'm eagerly anticipating Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber.  I love period novels, especially those set in the eighteen hundreds with gorgeous dresses.  The concept is very unique and I think it's going to be really fun to read!

Hitting the shelves: November 01, 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray meets Pride and Prejudice, with a dash of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

New York City, 1882.  Seventeen-year-old Natalie Stewart's latest obsession is a painting of the handsome British Lord Denbury.  Something in his striking blue eyes calls to her.  As his incredibly life-like gaze seems to follow her, Natalie gets the uneasy feeling that details of the painting keep changing...

Jonathan Denbury's soul is trapped in the gilded painting by dark magic while his possessed by commits unspeakable crimes in the city slums.  He must lure Natalie into the painting, for only together can they reverse the curse and free his damaged soul.  

What are you waiting for?

30 August 2011

Review- Abandon

Title: Abandon
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Point (Scholastic)
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: Purchased

Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident, Pierce can't help but feel at once a part of this world, and apart from it.  Yet she's never alone...because someone is always watching her.  Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back.

But now she's moved to a new town.  Maybe at her new school, she can start fresh.  Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid.

Only she can't.  Because even here, he finds her.  That's how desperately he wants her back.  She knows he's no guardian angel, and his dark world isn't exactly heave, yet she can't stay away...especially since he always appears when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most.

My thoughts:

I have been a long time fan of Meg Cabot's work.  From the Boy Next Door to her Queen of Babel series, she has always drawn me in hook, line and sinker.  Abandon was pretty good but there are noticeable differences between her young adult novels to her adult novels.

Greek mythology is really hot in the young adult world right now and I enjoy the different spins the authors put on the stories.  Abandon and The Goddess Test are both based on the same Greek myth (Hades and Persephone) but are completely different.  I like Meg Cabot's version better because the story is a lot darker than Aimee Carter's The Goddess Test.  When I think of Hades, who is the ruler of the underworld and seems to have a lot of bad luck, I think of someone dark and brooding, the way that Meg Cabot writes Hades.

I also liked the effect that Hades has on Pierce.  Even though she was not the perfect teenager with a clean while slate, she starts to become a different person after she is trapped by Hades.  It's almost like he's grooming her to be the person he needs her to be.  She becomes a lot more reckless and becomes a darker character than before she died.

I'm really looking forward to the next one and having read many of Meg's books, I know that there's a lot coming that we just have to wait for.  There was a lot of set up in Abandon so I'm excited to see where the story goes from here!

29 August 2011

Review- The Beginning of After

Title: The Beginning of After
Author: Jennifer Castle
Publisher: HarperTeen
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: ARC via Netgalley/HarperTeen
Hitting the Shelves: September 6, 2011

Anyone who's had something truly crappy happen to them will tell you: It's all about Before and After.  When I'm talking about here is the ka-pow, shake-you-to-your-core-and-turn-your-bones-to-plastic kind of crappy.

Sixteen-year-old Laurel's world changes instantly when her parents and brother are killed in a terrible car accident.  Behind the wheel is the father of her bad-boy neighbor, David Kaufman, whose mother is also killed.  In the aftermath of the tragedy, Laurel navigates a new reality in which she and her best friend grow apart, boys may or many not be approaching her out of pity, overpowering memories lurk everywhere, and Mr. Kaufman is comatose but still very much alive.  Through it all there is David, who swoops in and out of Laurel's life and to whom she finds herself attracted against her better judgment.  She will forever be connected to him by their mutual loss-a connection that will change them both in unexpected ways.

My thoughts:

I had a really hard time getting though this book.  It was kind of too long for a story that did not have much depth and I kept thinking to myself, "just end already."  I'm not trying to say that it was a terrible book, but it was just slow and the same thing would happen again and again.  Let me explain.  Laurel's parents and brother die in a car accident along with her neighbor's mother and leaves his father in a coma.  David, the neighbor, disappears right after the accident but he would come back to town, he would flirt with her and use her, making her think that he likes her and then he would leave.  But it happened multiple times and it really bothered me.  I just don't have patience for people like that.

I liked the concept of the Before and After and that when people go through a traumatic event, the divide their life into before it happened and then after it happened.  I understand that she had to create a new reality for herself and deal with a terrible loss, but honestly, I was bored.  Real life just bores me sometimes which is probably why I like paranormal and supernatural books better than contemporary fiction.  It was just too sad and somber for me.  I've read other reviews that were just raving and glowing, saying that it really struck a chord in them.  But not me, not my type of book.

I do like the way the book dealt with grief.  Usually, it's not something that you can go through alone and a counselor is always a good idea to help you get through anything difficult.  I don't want to tell you how it ends so you're going to have to read the book to find out if she has a happily ever after.

28 August 2011

In My Mailbox! (23)

In My Mailbox is an awesome way to connect with our blogger and reader friends and share which amazing books we received, bought or borrowed during the week! This weekly meme is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.

I had a pretty good week because I got a lot of review books and I didn't buy any!  I'm super excited to read all of them and most of them look pretty creepy which makes me even more excited! Hope you enjoy! And don't forget to leave me a link so I can check out your mailboxes :)

For Review:

Envy by Gregg Olsen
Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne
The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe 
The Butterfly Clues by Kate Ellison


Tempest by Holly Hook (from Ashley @ What's Your Story? Thanks so much!)

27 August 2011

Discussion- The Lying Game Show and Book


I don't know about you guys, but I've been totally hooked on the new show on ABC Family called The Lying Game.  It's originally a new book series from Sara Shepard (author of Pretty Little Liars) but after the success of Pretty Little Liar, it has also been turned into a TV show.  Now, there are many of you out there who always want movies and TV shows to stay true to the book, but I can appreciate a production that is only loosely based on the book and has somewhat changed the story line.  It wouldn't be exciting if I always knew what happened next! Which is why I love this new series.

The Lying Game (the book) is a mystery story based mostly around Emma Baker's life after she found out she has a twin sister.  Her twin sister, Sutton Mercer, doesn't know about Emma and it's pretty much implied that she died before Emma discovered that there are two of them.  Sutton thinks that she's dead, because she occasionally sees through the eyes of Emma.  When Emma gets kicked out of her foster home, she decides to run away and try to find Sutton and hopes that she will be able to help her out.  She gets a bus ticket from Las Vegas to Phoenix and plans of calling Sutton when she arrives, but almost immediately is kidnapped by Sutton's friends who are taking her to a party under the assumption that they think she's Sutton.  She decides to play along for the night and then head to Sutton's house to find her.  She ends up falling asleep in Sutton's room and is woken up by her sister for the first day of school.  She goes to the police station to tell them that she is Emma and that Sutton is missing but they don't believe her because of the Lying Game.  It turns about to be a series of pranks that her and her friends play on people at school and people around town.  My theory: whoever maybe killed Sutton did it through a lying game prank, knows she dead and also knows that Emma is impersonating her.  This person keeps leaving her notes saying that she needs to continue playing along or else she is going to be next.  It's so exciting and it's definitely keeping me on the edge of my seat!

Now that was just the book!  The TV show is a little bit different.

Emma and Sutton just found out that they are twins who were separated at birth.  Sutton was adopted by a rich family and Emma put into the foster system (the same in the book, as well).  They skype each other almost the whole summer and decide that they want to meet soon.  When Emma gets kicked out of her foster home, she tells Sutton that they have to meet earlier than planned and so they meet up at the bus station in Phoenix.  When Emma gets there, Sutton makes them trade clothes so that Emma can play Sutton while she goes to Los Angeles to look for their birth mother and they agree to meet up in a couple days at a cabin.  This guy named Ethan, who turns out to be Sutton's secret boyfriend, figures out that she's not Sutton so he agrees to help her out a little bit.  When they go to the cabin, Sutton's not there and they decide to keep up the act for a little bit longer.  But something really fishy is going on in Los Angeles that Sutton is not telling Emma.  So far it's really good and a whole of a lot different from the book! I like that they're different because then I can enjoy the story in two different ways!

What do you guys think? Have you read the books or watched any of the shows? Do you like it when shows or movies are different than the books their based on?

26 August 2011

Follow Friday (17)

Follow Friday is a really fun way to network your blog and meet some other really cool bloggers in the process! This weekly event is hosted at Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

Q: In some books like the Sookie Stackhouse series the paranormal creature in question "comes out of the closet" and makes itself known to the world. Which mythical creature do you wish this would happen with in real life?

A: That's a really hard question to answer because with all the good paranormal creatures that I love so much there is always the bad side.  That part of the paranormal is dangerous and could get you killed.  I'm going to let the little girl in me who loves Disney and say mermaids.  I would love it if the type of mermaids from Forgive My Fins were real.  I'm not so sure about the sirens who kill men by drawing them in with their songs but I think mermaids in general would be cool.  I would also enjoy finding out that the Greek myths were not in fact myths but true and that there are demi-gods walking around. They would kind of be like super heroes with all their special powers!

Review- Dark Souls

Title: Dark Souls
Author: Paula Morris
Publisher: Point (Scholastic)
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: ARC compliments of Scholastic

Welcome to York, England.

Mist lingers in the streets.

Narrow buildings cast long shadows.

This is the most haunted city in the world...

Miranda Tennant arrives is York with a terrible, tragic secret.  She is eager to lose herself amid the quaint cobblestones, hoping she won't run into the countless ghosts who supposedly roam the city..
Then she meets Nick, an intense, dark-eyed boy who knows all of York's hidden places and histories.  Miranda wonders if Nick is falling for her, but she is distracted by another boy--one even more handsome and mysterious than Nick.  He lies in the house across from Miranda and seems desperate to send her some sort of message.  Could this boy be one of York's haunted souls?

Soon, Miranda realizes that something dangerous--and deadly--is being planned.  And she may have to face the darkest part of herself in order to unravel the mystery--and find redemption.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book because the premise of the story reminded me a lot of Harry Potter.  In Dark Souls, Miranda can see ghosts only after her best friend was killed in a car accident that Miranda was a part of as well.  She sees her best friends ghost walk out of her body, wave at her and then walk off into the after life.  After this incident she starts seeing ghosts almost all the time.  Since she has now seen and practically experienced death she now sees ghosts.  As in Harry Potter, once someone has witnessed death they are able to see the thestrals, the skeletal horse-like creatures who pull the horseless carriages from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts.

Another reason I liked this book because I love ghost stories and novels rich with history.  Many of the ghosts that were walking around the city had lived centuries before and were dressed in very old style clothing; some were orphans that had tragically died when the orphanage burned down in the late eighteen hundreds.  The historical aspects of the story that were my favorite.  I enjoy meeting new characters that have a mysterious past from a hundred or so years ago.  Especially the ghost in the window across the street from house.  I was so anxious just to find out who he was, how he died and why he was trying to contact Miranda! I just love things like that.

Dark Souls was incredibly fast paced as well! When a chapter ended I was always curious to know what happened next.  My only criticism of the book is that the cover and the synopsis make it seem a lot scarier than it actually is.  Maybe my tolerance of scary books is really high but I thought Dark Souls was a light read that I greatly enjoyed.

25 August 2011

Review- Circle Nine

Title: Circle Nine
Author: Anne Heltzel
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: ARC compliments of Netgalley

She knows only Sam, a mysterious teenage boy.  He is her sole companion; her whole life.  She was born, already a teenager, lying outside a burning building in soot-stained clothes, remembering nothing, not even her name.  He showed her the necklace she had on, the one that named her: Abby.  Sam brought her to live in his cave-palace, where he give her everything she needs.  He loves her.  He protects her from the world outside, from everyone who wants to hurt them, like the denizens of Circle Nine, Dante's deepest circle of hell.  But even in a charmed, brand-new life like Abby's, change will come.  Sam falls ill.  A new girl comes to stay, and Abby begins to question Sam's devotion.  With doubt comes emotional turmoil, changes in perception, and glimpses of her past identity.  In this courageous psychological thriller, Abby tells the story of living her new life and discovering her old one, while grappling with an ever-changing reality. 

My thoughts:

I had a really hard time reading most of this book because it was all just so confusing. The premise of the story is that Abby doesn't know who she is and she can't remember anything before a couple days ago.  She knows only Sam because he was there when she woke up.  She sees the cave they live in as a lavish palace with very expensive furnishings and everything she needs.  Then Sam begins disappearing for long periods of time with another girl and she begins to doubt what he's been telling her: that she shouldn't go out of the cave without him because the outside world (which they call circle nine) is dangerous and they will hurt her.  When she begins to doubt, she also begins to see the world as it really is and that their cave is not a palace at all, but rotting food, moldy sheets and broken furniture.

The hardest part when reading Circle Nine is the fact that it's all from Abby's perspective so you have absolutely no idea what's going on.  The only reason I continued reading the book and finished it was because I wanted to know who she was, where she came from and how she met such a scum bag like Sam.  In the end all these questions are answered and then some.

Circle Nine shows how extreme a person can react to a trauma and how the mind copes and protects itself.  Abby wasn't ready to deal with what she had done therefore her mind forced her to forget what had happened and made her perceive her surroundings as safe and desirable.  As she started to come out of it, she was getting back pieces of her life and what had ultimately led to her hiding out.   

17 August 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (29)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating. This is one of my favorite memes because not only is my TBR pile so much bigger at the end of the night but also the covers are always amazing!

Title: The Last Echo
Author: Kimberly Derting
Series: The Body Finder #3
Anticipated Date of Release: April 17, 2012

Violet kept her morbid ability to sense dead bodies a secret from everyone except her family and her childhood-best-friend-turned-boyfriend, Jay Heaton.  That is until forensic psychologist Sara Priest discovered Violet's talent and invited her to use her gift to track down murderers.  Now, as she works with an eclectic group of individuals--including mysterious and dangerously attractive Rafe--it's Violet's job to help those who have been murdered by bringing their killers to justice.  When Violet discovers the body of a college girl killed by "the girlfriend collector" she is determined to solve the case.  But now the serial killer is on the lookout for a new "relationship" and Violet may have caught his eye...

EEKKK!!!! It sounds a little bit scary but so good! I love this series and I love Kimberly Derting!

16 August 2011

Teaser Tuesday (13)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. It includes two sentences from your current read without any spoilers!

Today I am reading The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson! This teaser is straight from the beginning because that's really all you need to suck you into this book!

"I used to be someone.  Someone named Jenna Fox.  That's what they tell me.  But I am more than a name.  More than they tell me.  More than the facts and statistics they fill me with.  More than the video clips they make me watch.  More.  But I'm not sure what." pg. 3

Review- Want to Go Private?

Title: Want to Go Private?
Author: Sarah Darer Littman
Publisher: Scholastic
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: ARC compliments of Scholastic

Abby and Luke chat online.  They've never met.  But they are going to. Soon.

Abby is starting high school--it should be exciting, so why doesn't she care?  Everyone tells her to "make an effort," but why can't she just be herself.  Abby quickly feels like she's losing grip on her once-happy life.  The only thing she cares about anymore is talking to Luke, a guy she met online, who understands.  It feels dangerous and yet good to chat with Luke--he is her secret, and she's his.  Then Luke asks her to meet him, and she does.  But Luke isn't who he says he is.  When Abby goes missing, everyone is left to put together the pieces.  If they don't, they'll never see Abby again.

My thoughts:

Want to Go Private? was absolutely realistic and horrific.  It literally scared the pants off me and made me so happy that I survived my teenage years even though I chatted a lot on the internet with people I didn't know.  This book make me realize all the horrendous things that could have happened and I'm so lucky that they didn't.  

Once Abby hits high school, her and her best friend don't have any classes together, her best friend makes other friends easily but Abby has a hard time.  She's feeling left out, lonely, overwhelmed and as a result she's vulnerable to the online predator who sees these weaknesses and targets her immediately.  He tells her all the things that she wants to hear like they both listen to the same music, like the same movies, he understands how much high school sucks and that her parents are putting too much pressure on her.  That's pretty much all she needs to hear and she completely attaches herself to him.  

Although this book is graphic, it speaks the truth of what happens to teenage girls when they're targeted by online predators and they fall into their trap.  The only reason I wold recommend this book to a teenager, and I mean an older teenager, is so they can know and understand what can happen if they're not careful.  This book was amazing and every parent of teenagers should read it and then put some regulations on their kid's internet use.  

15 August 2011

Review- Desires of the Dead

Title: Desires of the Dead
Author: Kimberly Derting
Series: The Body Finder #2
Publisher: HarperTeen
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: Purchased

Violet can sense the echoes of those who've been murdered-and the matching imprint that clings to their killers.  Only those closest to her know what she is capable of, but when she discovers the body of a young boy she also drawn the attentions of the FBI, threatening her entire way of life.

As Violet works to keep her morbid ability a secret, she unwittingly becomes the object of a dangerous obsession.  Normally she'd turn to her best friend, Jay, except now that they are officially a couple, the rules of their relationship seem to have changed.  And with Jay spending more and more time with his new friend Mike, Violet is left with too much time on her hands as she wonders where things went wrong.  But when she fills the void by digging into Mike's tragic family history, she stumbles upon a dark truth that could put everyone in danger.  

My thoughts:

I love this series! It's one of my favorite YA mystery/semi-paranormal series right now! It's full of romance, murder, dark murky places and a strange girl who uncovers dead bodies in the most random places.

Violet and Jay are still together in the second installment of the Body Finder series which makes me so happy because they are one of my favorite fictional couples.  Their relationship started out as best friends in elementary and junior high school and slowly evolved into a deep loving romantic relationship.  They know each other's deepest, darkest secrets and they love each other just the same for it.

I love that the story just mainly revolves around them and all the other characters are just supporting roles.  It's all from the perspective of Violet so we never have to worry about getting a random inside look on what her friends are doing because they don't ever really matter all that much.  The other perspective the story is told from is either a killer or someone who is eventually going to play a part in the story and sometimes those little sections really freak me out.

My one tiny complaint about Violet her is lack of common sense when she should be using it the most.  When she hears an echo, she drops everything she is doing and starts to follow it no matter where it leads her.  Even if it takes to her to the middle of the wood until she gets absolutely lost and of course there's no cell reception.  This is what she should do instead: When she hears an echo, she should immediately go find Jay so he can go with her to find it and then she would be so much safer.  But she almost never does that so it's no wonder Jay like never wants her to leave the house.

The Body Finder series is finally coming to a close when the Last Echo is released next year.  It makes me kind of sad but all, even good, things must come to an end eventually.  If you haven't read the Body Finder or Desires of the Dead yet, I high recommend that you do so! I'm glad I did and I wasn't disappointed!

14 August 2011

In My Mailbox (22)

In My Mailbox is an awesome way to connect with our blogger and reader friends and share which amazing books we received, bought or borrowed during the week! This weekly meme is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.


The Evil Within (Possessions #2) by Nancy Holder
Vampire Kisses: The Beginning by Ellen Schrieber
Falling Under by Gwen Hayes
Supernaturally by Kiersten White
Jane by April Linder
The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard
Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien


Ninth Grade Slays by Heather Brewer


All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin

06 August 2011

True Blood: Book to Show Comparison

Hello everyone, it's Alyson and like I said before, from now on the comparison posts are going to go from episode to episode.

So last weeks episode was good. It didn't hold that much drama as other episodes, which sometimes is a good thing. I am going to tell you about what I like and didn't like about this episode.

Starting with all the witching stuff that is going on: I like it. They doing a good job of not making it too weird. Lafayette and his boyfrind also always give me a good crack up sometimes. I really enjoy seeing what happens next between the two of them. Also speaking of, Tara and her girlfriend, they seem to be making a cute couple. Two tough girls who can help each other out; it's nice. But how funny was the bantering when Pam shows up at the end to attack them. I thought it was funny that first off they thought they could run fast enough to get away, then they thought they had enough time to banter with each other before they started to run. And Pam just cracks me up. I feel sorry for her right now because she is rotting away.

Again I don't like Bill, he is being an ass hole. For him to say that Eric is dangerous and needed to be killed was so annoying. Eric is just lonely and scared and for Bill to take advantage of that and go against Sookie is really making me mad. At least he came to his senses at the end. I was also very angry that Jason didn't change at the full moon. I still think something is going to happen with that though. Because the werepanthers wouldn't go through all that trouble if it doesn't work. But how cute was it that Jessica was there to help Jason through that. I thought that was so sweet but I do still like her and Hoyt together. I hope things work out between them. But I really don't hope that Alcide and Debbie stay together. I can't believe that she convinced him to run with another pack. I don't think that's right, it's so different from the book, and I really can not stand Debbie, she annoys me. And who is stupid enought to say that solidarity is not good for my sobriety. YES it is! Anyone knows that the when you start hanging out with the same crowd and similar people that you used to, your going to lapse and do it again, and in this case I am hoping it does happen to her, because that is how much I don't like her.

Moving on to my last main character Sam. Well I am not completely happy that Sam's brother can change into another human, I feel like he is constantly doing stupid things and stabbing people in the back so much that he is never giong to change. I really don't like having him on the show, I feel it is just putting so much stress on Sam that he doesn't need. I like Sam and I like his charachter and I like that girl that he had but Sam's brother screwed that up for him, too.

Well I think I covered all the main characters. Let me know what you thought of last weeks episode. I am looking forward to Sunday night to watch the new one.  Until next week!

05 August 2011

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop (17)

Follow Friday is a really fun way to network your blog and meet some other really cool bloggers in the process! This weekly event is hosted at Parajunkee's View.

Q: Talk about a book that most changed or influenced your life (was it a book that turned you from an average reader to an avid reader, did it help you deal with a particular difficult situation, does it bring you comfort every time you read it)?

A: The book that really got me hooked on reading was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  It's such a beautiful love story that has transcended time, culture and race and still goes strong to this day.  Although it was written in 1847, it is still one of the best stories that literature has to offer.  I even love the newer covers that Penguin has been giving the classic lately but this cover is my favorite.

Book Blogger Hop

The book blogger hop is a place just for book bloggers and readers to connect and share our love for the written word. The book blogger hop is brought to us by Jennifer at Crazy For Books!

Q: What is the one ARC you are dying to get your hands on right now?

A: OMG this question is so hard because there are so many good books coming out this fall because it's so hard just to choose one!  For the longest time, the book that I wanted so bad was Bloodlines by Richelle Mead.  But then, low and behold, it came in the mail a little over a week-and-a-half ago and I was jumping up and down I was so excited! But since I've received it and read it, I would have to say that right now I'm dying to get my hands on an ARC of The Pledge by Kimberly Derting.  Even though I love the Body Finder series, I'm so excited to read something new and different from her, especially a dystopian.

03 August 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (28)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating. This is one of my favorite memes because not only is my TBR pile so much bigger at the end of the night but also the covers are always amazing!

This book intrigues me! The cover is very interesting and it makes me wonder what significance the moon and the blindfold have.  Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne will be released February 2, 2012!

When sixteen-year-old Faye arrives at Holbrook Academy, she doesn't expect to find herself exacty where she needs to be.  After years of strange waking visions and nightmares, her only comfort the bones of dead animals, Faye is afraid she's going crazy.  Fast.

But her first night at Holbrook, she feels strangely connected to the school and the island it sits on, like she's come home.  She's even made her first read friends, but odd things keep happening to them.  Every morning they wake on the floors of their dorms with their hands stained red.

Faye knows she'e the reason, but what does it all mean?  The handsome Kel tries to help her unravel the mystery, but Faye is certain she can't trust him; in fact, he may be trying to kill her-and the rest of the world too.

01 August 2011

Day 3: A Week's Worth of Giveaways!

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