04 January 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say?: Reading Resolutions

Hey! And welcome to the very first edition of “What Does the Bookworm Say?” I've been blogging just over four year and I've really wanted to start up some kind of recurring discussion posts because there are so many great bookish things to talk about! So I enlisted the help of my blogger friends and this is what we have come up with. A twice monthly discussion post on Saturdays where we each talk about the same subject but it’s going to be awesome because I bet we will all say something a little different. So go check them out! Thuy @ Nite Lite Book Reviews, Kimberly @ The Windy Pages and Nicole @ The Reader's Antidote.

This week’s topic is: Reading Resolutions-yay or nay? If yay, what are your reading resolutions/goal?

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions in my personal life I usually don’t make them. I figure that if I’m going to change something in my life I’m going to do it immediately instead of waiting until the new year. I’ll make little resolutions here and there such as: keep my room cleaner or check my email daily which I should probably try to do both of those more this year. But that’s about it.

When it comes to reading resolutions and signing up for reading challenges I am all about it! I love starting the year off fresh with new reading goals and a huge amount of motivation. I love giving myself reading challenges for the new year because it feels like I’m working towards what CAN be a satisfying accomplishment.

Because I have horribly failed multiple reading challenges in the past, I choose my reading challenges wisely. I choose ones that allow me a certain amount of freedom and I usually only go for the first level which is like 7 books per challenge. These challenges allow me to still read what I want while still satisfying the requirements. So here are my 2014 reading challenges/resolutions!

1. Personal Goal: 100 books

2. 2014 Full House reading challenge hosted by The Book Date

3. 2014 Dystopia Reading Challenge hosted by The Blog of Erised

4. 2014 End of the Series Reading Challenge hosted by The Reader’s Antidote

5. 214 And So it Begins Reading Challenge hosted by The Reader’s Antidote

6. 2014 Graphic Novel Challenge hosted HERE.

Oh I’m so excited for all of these and I can’t wait to see how well I do this year! Now that I’m thinking about it I should have signed up for some sort of graphic novel reading challenge. So what do you guy think about reading challenges/resolutions? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments!!


kimberlybuggie said...

Your post is pretty funny. Good luck on your reading challenges! I like the challenges you signed up for. The Graphic Novel one looks awesome!! :) Here's to some extra motivation!!!

Hanna W. said...

All of the reading challenges sound great. My favourites are #3,4 and 5. The one that would be the most difficult for me out of those three is #4: the End of the Series Reading Challenge.

By the way, it seems like you posted the same links to #4 and #5.

fishgirl182 said...

Ooh that graphic novel challenge sounds cool. I am having my own personal graphic novel challenge this year. Here's looking at a great 2014!

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