07 May 2011

Road Trip!

Day 1 of this epic long road trip across the United States (wouldn't be awesome if it was a road trip to meet amazing bloggers?) has been quite successful! Not only did we make it all the way from Long Beach, California to Provo, Utah (just outside Salt Lake City) but I am just plowing my way through my Netgalley reviews on my Nook. I made sure to get it nice and loaded up before we left because what else am I going to do in the backseat by myself for an entire week?

Progress so far:

1. Finished the Poisoned House by Michael Ford
2. More than halfway finished Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz

Goals for tomorrow:

1. Finish Spellbound
2. Read most or all of Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson

I hope I'm not setting my goals too high! Stay tuned for tomorrow's update of Road Trip Day 2!


Nina said...

Loving the books you read! Have a lot of fun on your roadtrip. ;)

Brady Cartee said...

It's awesome how you combine two worthwhile past times: reading and traveling. Were you able to fit all your books in there? It must be wonderful to have enough space in the car to stack 'em all up! Stay safe, and keep on reading!

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