06 August 2011

True Blood: Book to Show Comparison

Hello everyone, it's Alyson and like I said before, from now on the comparison posts are going to go from episode to episode.

So last weeks episode was good. It didn't hold that much drama as other episodes, which sometimes is a good thing. I am going to tell you about what I like and didn't like about this episode.

Starting with all the witching stuff that is going on: I like it. They doing a good job of not making it too weird. Lafayette and his boyfrind also always give me a good crack up sometimes. I really enjoy seeing what happens next between the two of them. Also speaking of, Tara and her girlfriend, they seem to be making a cute couple. Two tough girls who can help each other out; it's nice. But how funny was the bantering when Pam shows up at the end to attack them. I thought it was funny that first off they thought they could run fast enough to get away, then they thought they had enough time to banter with each other before they started to run. And Pam just cracks me up. I feel sorry for her right now because she is rotting away.

Again I don't like Bill, he is being an ass hole. For him to say that Eric is dangerous and needed to be killed was so annoying. Eric is just lonely and scared and for Bill to take advantage of that and go against Sookie is really making me mad. At least he came to his senses at the end. I was also very angry that Jason didn't change at the full moon. I still think something is going to happen with that though. Because the werepanthers wouldn't go through all that trouble if it doesn't work. But how cute was it that Jessica was there to help Jason through that. I thought that was so sweet but I do still like her and Hoyt together. I hope things work out between them. But I really don't hope that Alcide and Debbie stay together. I can't believe that she convinced him to run with another pack. I don't think that's right, it's so different from the book, and I really can not stand Debbie, she annoys me. And who is stupid enought to say that solidarity is not good for my sobriety. YES it is! Anyone knows that the when you start hanging out with the same crowd and similar people that you used to, your going to lapse and do it again, and in this case I am hoping it does happen to her, because that is how much I don't like her.

Moving on to my last main character Sam. Well I am not completely happy that Sam's brother can change into another human, I feel like he is constantly doing stupid things and stabbing people in the back so much that he is never giong to change. I really don't like having him on the show, I feel it is just putting so much stress on Sam that he doesn't need. I like Sam and I like his charachter and I like that girl that he had but Sam's brother screwed that up for him, too.

Well I think I covered all the main characters. Let me know what you thought of last weeks episode. I am looking forward to Sunday night to watch the new one.  Until next week!


Sherry Soule said...

so addicted to this show! Love the withcy elements too.

And Sam's brother sucks! Get him off the show!

Oh! will Jessica and Jason hook up?? lol


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