27 August 2011

Discussion- The Lying Game Show and Book


I don't know about you guys, but I've been totally hooked on the new show on ABC Family called The Lying Game.  It's originally a new book series from Sara Shepard (author of Pretty Little Liars) but after the success of Pretty Little Liar, it has also been turned into a TV show.  Now, there are many of you out there who always want movies and TV shows to stay true to the book, but I can appreciate a production that is only loosely based on the book and has somewhat changed the story line.  It wouldn't be exciting if I always knew what happened next! Which is why I love this new series.

The Lying Game (the book) is a mystery story based mostly around Emma Baker's life after she found out she has a twin sister.  Her twin sister, Sutton Mercer, doesn't know about Emma and it's pretty much implied that she died before Emma discovered that there are two of them.  Sutton thinks that she's dead, because she occasionally sees through the eyes of Emma.  When Emma gets kicked out of her foster home, she decides to run away and try to find Sutton and hopes that she will be able to help her out.  She gets a bus ticket from Las Vegas to Phoenix and plans of calling Sutton when she arrives, but almost immediately is kidnapped by Sutton's friends who are taking her to a party under the assumption that they think she's Sutton.  She decides to play along for the night and then head to Sutton's house to find her.  She ends up falling asleep in Sutton's room and is woken up by her sister for the first day of school.  She goes to the police station to tell them that she is Emma and that Sutton is missing but they don't believe her because of the Lying Game.  It turns about to be a series of pranks that her and her friends play on people at school and people around town.  My theory: whoever maybe killed Sutton did it through a lying game prank, knows she dead and also knows that Emma is impersonating her.  This person keeps leaving her notes saying that she needs to continue playing along or else she is going to be next.  It's so exciting and it's definitely keeping me on the edge of my seat!

Now that was just the book!  The TV show is a little bit different.

Emma and Sutton just found out that they are twins who were separated at birth.  Sutton was adopted by a rich family and Emma put into the foster system (the same in the book, as well).  They skype each other almost the whole summer and decide that they want to meet soon.  When Emma gets kicked out of her foster home, she tells Sutton that they have to meet earlier than planned and so they meet up at the bus station in Phoenix.  When Emma gets there, Sutton makes them trade clothes so that Emma can play Sutton while she goes to Los Angeles to look for their birth mother and they agree to meet up in a couple days at a cabin.  This guy named Ethan, who turns out to be Sutton's secret boyfriend, figures out that she's not Sutton so he agrees to help her out a little bit.  When they go to the cabin, Sutton's not there and they decide to keep up the act for a little bit longer.  But something really fishy is going on in Los Angeles that Sutton is not telling Emma.  So far it's really good and a whole of a lot different from the book! I like that they're different because then I can enjoy the story in two different ways!

What do you guys think? Have you read the books or watched any of the shows? Do you like it when shows or movies are different than the books their based on?


Traci @ The Reading Geek said...

Great post! I am beginning to become obsessed with The Lying Game tv show I just love it! Especially after last weeks episode I am dying to know what will happen next. I just recently finished the first book and really enjoyed it. I also really like the changes that the show made from the book. I am planning on starting Never Have I Ever really soon though.

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