13 January 2012

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Question of the Week: Many readers/bloggers are also big music fans. Tell us about a few of your favorite bands/singers that we should listen to in 2012.

When I was in college and only had time to read textbooks, I listened to a lot of music.  Epsecially music that didn't have a lot of words and some music that didn't have words at all.  I didn't really like classical music, so I sought out modern instrumental bands.  I disvoered Explosions in the Sky which is my favorite instrumental band!

Some of my other favorite bands include:

Death Cab for Cutie
She & Him
The Civil Wars
Ingrid Michaelson
Regina Spektor
Rilo Kiley
Florence and the Machine

Here is another favorite! Boyce Avenue does a lot of covers and they're awesome!


The Nocturnal Library said...

I listen to a lot of instrumentals while I work or study too. :)
New follower.

Here's our #FF post

Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

sinn said...

My husband got me into Regina Spektor a few years ago. Love the song Better. If you like instrumental, check out Apocalyptica's covers of Metallica. They are four professional cellists.

Awesome songs, btw ^_~

New follower!

Here's mine: http://sinnfulbooks.blogspot.com/2012/01/follow-friday.html

sinn @ sinnful books

Jessica Lee said...

If you like those artists, you should definitely check out my Follow Friday pick!


New Follower!

Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE Boyce Avenue's version of We Found Love. It's amazing!!! This song they cover is awesome too. Awesome pick :)

Here's my FF!

Stepping Out of the Page said...

New follower of your gorgeous blog :D

Wow, you have an AWESOME taste in music. Especially with Ingrid Michaelson and Florence and the Machine, they're so talented.

Here's my FF!

Liza (Reading with ABC) said...

Love Kathy Perry too! Great picks.

My Feature Friday

Kary said...

New follower here from the blog hop! Here is my FF: http://theonceandfuturelibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/01/follow-friday-2.html

Love Katy Perry!

The Little Blue Pig said...

Sometimes its nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy intrumental music. Very relaxing. New follower!

My FF: http://thelittlebluepig.blogspot.com/2012/01/follow-me-friday-3.html


Reading 'n' Reviewing said...

That cover is amazing, he's got such a pretty voice.

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Love Florence and Regina. Great choices!
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