18 February 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I love Being a Blogger/Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and it's a meme of lists.

This is such a great topic because I love talking about blogging! And I love talking about reading! When I first started this blog I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was already a reader and I was looking for some sort of outlet that I couldn't find in my real life. And then I discovered book blogs. I soon realized that I had only skimmed the surface of what it means to be a book blogger. There are so many great aspects of being a blogger/reader and here are a few of my favorites!


1. Books: I love being a blogger because I love books! I wouldn't be here if I didn't! There are so many great books out there and even though I've been at this reading/blogging thing for 4 years now, I've only discovered the tip of the iceberg of the awesome books out there!

2. Community: I love this community! I have met some really great friends (people I can actually hang out with in real life) who have the same interests as me (not just books) and we get along famously! They literally keep me sane and help me realize I’m not the only crazy book lover, knitter, cat lady, BBC watcher and all-around introvert out there. 

3. Reviewing: Even though I often complain that I have to write a review about this book or that, I really do love posting reviews and hearing my reader’s feedback! I especially love it when I recommend a book that I love to people and they come back to me saying how much they loved it and read it because of my review! I feel like I’m making a little bit of a difference in the book world (even if it’s just a tiny, tiny bit)!

4. Recommendations: I love getting recommendation from other book bloggers. They can see the books that I've read or am currently reading and say, “Hey, I see you've read and LOVED The Girl of Fire and Thorns; you’ll probably really like Throne of Glass!” Hey guess what?! I DID!!! I wouldn't know even half the books I've read if it wasn't for other bloggers giving me recommendations. 

5. Creativity: I love trolling blogs, checking out their titles and blog designs and seeing if they made it themselves or had someone else make it. There is so much creativity out there among book bloggers, its mind blowing! Some bloggers are absolutely fabulous at writing code and making the cutest designs. Then there’s me and I have no patience whatsoever when it comes to the tech and the intricacies of blog design. And that’s okay too!


6. Books: I love being a reader because I love books! I love building my TBR, seeing what books are coming out this summer, finally buying that coveted next book in a series I love and just looking at them on my shelves! I love holding them in my hands and skimming my fingers across the beautiful covers! I LOVE books!


7. Escape: I’m not saying that I have some horrible life where I need books to escape from it (not that escape is a bad thing). I just think being human is boring and I would much rather spend my afternoon in the magic of a fantasy novel with dragons and wizards and a world that is completely different from my own.

8. Creativity: Authors are so creative! Sometimes I’m just in awe of how they craft these completely new worlds full of details out of their imaginations! It’s crazy!! I love discovering new and old fantasy novels and just losing myself in the magical storytelling.

9. Book to movie adaptations: I love a good book to movie adaptation! Harry Potter? The Hunger Games? I even like bad one too. Beautiful Creatures? City of Bones? I love seeing books come to life. I also love that someone has taken the time and the interest to put something I love so much (not Beautiful Creatures; that book was terrible) and put it on the big screen. I love being a fangirl!


10. Book Club: Being a part of a book club is a great way to mingle with other readers without having a blog! I love being a part of the book club that I go to and I have read some books that I would never have picked up on my own! It’s definitely one of the highlights of my month!


Anonymous said...

Creativity is a HUGE part of blogging and reading! I love being inspired by books and blogs! It is such a fun hobby!

Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library--My TTT!

Doris said...

I love this ttt and seeing everyone's reasons for being a reader and blogger.
Awesome list <3

Here's our TTT
Doris @ OABR

Hanna W. said...

All of the reasons you listed are ones I totally agree with. Creativity is a major one I had never really thought about before, and its very true. Great post! :)

kimberlybuggie said...

:) Love the list. :)

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