19 April 2012

Follow Friday (29)

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Q: Fight! Fight! If you could have two fictional characters battle it out (preferably from books), who would they be and who do you think would win?

A: Since Rose from Vampire Academy is one of my favorite strong female characters, I would love to see her fight anyone! But in this particular instance I would like to see her fight Katniss from the Hunger Games.  I would really like to see how Rose's brute force and physical strength matches Katniss' incredible cleverness.  I think it would be an interesting match!

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Sarah@Catching Books said...

Great choices!! I haven't read Vampire Academy but I really want too!

Happy reading and check out my follow Friday!!

Jac said...

I think I'd put my money on Rose - a lifetime of training vs just being good to hunt? Yeah - Rose. (Although I do love Katniss!) Great choice :)

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Johannah Doll said...

I'd put my money on Katniss. I haven't read vampire Academy yet. But I bet that would be a great fight!

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. I think Rose would win. She's a stronger person.
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Jenni said...

That sounds like a great fight! I'd have to say I'd think Rose would win but Katniss would probably give her a bit of a hard time :) Nice choices!

Joana said...

Your choices are perfect! I love both of them. Check out my answer to this weeks question at http://best-of-ya.blogspot.com/. I'm a new follower by the way!

Melissa said...

Great choice!! I would love to see this fight. I'm curious to see who would win.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who would win!!! I'm at split ends trying to figure out who to root for. AHHH!! You've fried my brain.

Rebecca @ Vicariously!


Tribute Books Mama said...

Just hopping by.


Patricia said...

Wow, that'd be an awesome fight. Both are mere humans, afterall. Okay, nah, Rose is a dhampir, but still.. she has to train to really be strong, just like Katniss has to. Very cool! :)

Patricia // My FF

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