05 November 2012

Middle Grade Monday: Framed & Dangerous by Kim Harrington

Hey! Welcome to Middle Grade Monday, a weekly feature I started to talk about anything middle grade bookish related! I never thought I would really enjoy middle grade novels but after reading my first one this year, I was hooked! Since I review mainly YA on this blog, I didn't want the middle grade reviews to get shuffled in with the YA books so I decided to create this feature!

Title: Framed & Dangerous
Author: Kim Harrington
Series: Sleuth or Dare #3
Publisher: Scholastic
Find it here: B&N, Goodreads, Mysterious Galaxy
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Who's the culprit?

Norah and Darcy are still in a fight, but crime doesn't stop just because the girls aren't speaking. Someone has set fire to their school's brand-new field house. And the prime suspect is Zane Munro, the cute boy Norah can't help crushing on.

When Zane asks Partners in Crime for help, Norah and Darcy must band together to investigate. Norah knows Zane is innocent, but the clues are not in his favor. Can she and Darcy mend their friendship, crack the case, and clear Zane's name before it's too late?

My thoughts:

I love this really cute series! It's full of fun, adventure and two super smart girls who can kick butt and solve awesome mysteries! These are such great books for kids who are not yet teenagers but are looking for something a little more exciting to read! 

Norah and Darcy are one the scene again when the new field house at their school goes up in smokes.  Norah puts all her effort into the case when Zane, the boy she's been crushing on, is framed as the main suspect.  Partners in Crime is also trying to solve a case over fifty years old that turned into an urban legend called the Prom Killer. I love how they had to go into the library and look at the old newspaper clippings on the microfiche.  Digging into the past was one of my favorite parts of this book!

Norah and Darcy have a great friendship and are able to work through the bumps they experience.  They don't just throw their friendship away when they have a miss-communication but they talk about their differences. They're a great team and I love reading about the mysteries they solve! I give Framed & Dangerous 4 hearts!


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