29 July 2011

Author Interview- Aaron Patterson and Giveaway!

Today I have here at Elegantly Bound Books the author of the upcoming book Airel, Aaron Patterson! He was so great to do this interview and to giveaway an e-copy of his book!

Where did you get the inspiration to write about angels?

I got the main story idea from Genesis 6 in the Bible where there are two verses about these angels that left to be with the human women and after that not much is said about them. I thought it would make a great story and so here we are.

I really love the cover, it's just stunning! How much sway did you have in the process of creating the cover of the book?

I work with my cover artist closely and so I got final say on everything to the color to the feel it gives off. I wanted something that was irresistible and I think she did a fantastic job!

What is your favorite scene and character in the book?

I love the end as it has action, heartbreak and when I write it I get goosebumps so I hope it does the same for readers. I write for myself so if a story keeps me going as I write I figure it will have the same impact on most other people. Although I am a little weird.

How did you choose the name Airel for the main character?

Airel is the old Hebrew way of spelling her name. It is a old angel name so I thought it fit. As with every charater I write, each name has a hidden histroy and meaning. Every book I have written the names mean something so if you want to get really nerdy about them you can look up each one and try to figure out what I was going for.

The publishing process can be long and arduous, from writing the initial draft of a book to selecting the cover art to waiting for those first reviews to roll in. What the most exciting part of the process for you?

The first draft. I love getting the story out. After that I like to see how people respond even if it is bad. I try to write books that that get a reaction. Good or bad I want you to "Feel" something.

Are you ever surprised how a scene works out when you're writing it or how a character winds up acting in a scene?

All the time! These people are real and do what they want. In fact, sometimes I get mad that they did something stupid or didn't react like I wanted them to, but that is the goal, make them real so they write themselves.

It must be hard to find time to relax when you're so busy writing, but everyone needs a break. Is there a particular genre or author you enjoy read when you're not writing?

I read just about everything. I like Steampunk and thrillers. I also enjoy medical thrillers but my all time favorite series is the "Black, White, Red" series by Ted Dekker... it is amazing!

For more information on Aaron Patterson, you can visit his blog or follow him on twitter!



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Must Love Books said...

I've been wanting to read this book, mostly because the title is my name, even if it is spelled a little different. I'm definitely interested to know how the meaning of the name fits with the character.

Aaron Patterson said...

Thanks for having me on your wonderful blog! Cheers!

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