13 July 2012

The Dark Days of Supernatural with Veronica Roth Recap!!

The Dark Days of Supernatural books tours put on by Harper Collins are some of my favorite events to go to! There are always a few authors that attend so it's like killing two birds with one stone (I really hate that metaphor because I would never kill a bird)! I'm not a big fan of the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike nor have I read Insignia but Dan Wells was in attendance as was VERONICA ROTH!!!!

I really like the Huntington Beach Barnes and Noble here in California because they put on a lot of YA author events! But, honestly, they are not equipped for the really big crowd events like Veronica Roth.  They were completely unorganized! I attended the Richelle Mead book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica which also brought out a big crowd and they did it very well.  They have an event room and anyone who wanted to go in had to have a wrist band which they were give when they bought a book.  That's how it should be! The Huntington Beach B&N doesn't even have an event room so I pretty much missed everything they talked about during the Q&A session. I couldn't hear a single thing!

This picture shows that everyone was lined up for Veronica Roth and no one was lined up for anyone else.  The line went all the way around the second floor of the building! It was crazy!!

So I hopped out of the Roth line (my mom was holding my spot) and got my Dan Wells books signed and let me tell you he is a really funny guy! I brought I am Not a Serial Killer with me and he asked me if I had read it. I said yes and he said, "You still came!!" 

After standing in line for two hours and forty-five minutes I finally got my chance to talk to Veronica Roth and get Divergent and Insurgent signed! I can't believe the title for the third book still hasn't been revealed yet!!  Gggrrr...


Next stop:  July 27th Chris Colfer is signing The Land of Stories: The Wishing Well! So excited!!!


kimberlybuggie said...

Love the pics! So sad I didn't get a chance to go!!
Glad you had a wonderful time. YAY!!

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