01 March 2014

What Does The Bookworm Say? Booktube

Hi! Welcome to this week's What Does the Bookworm Say? Today we are talking about our thoughts on Booktube, the Booktube community and who are favorite booktubers are. Also stop by Thuy @ Nite Lite Reviews, Kimberly @ The Windy Pages and Nicole @ The Reader's Antidote and check out their thoughts on Booktube.

Booktube is something that I have stumbled on pretty recently; as in within the past year. For those of you unfamiliar with Booktube it is a community of people on Youtube who make videos primarily about books. And it is a thing you guys. It is a BIG thing! I have seen it grow and evolve over the past year exponentially and more and more Youtubers are joining the Booktube community every day.

Through my travels of Youtube, I've noticed two very different types of Booktubers. There are the Booktubers who love read books and love to get book recommendations. They love fangirling over books that they love and the overall tone of their videos is always happy! I love watching people like that. They’re optimistic about sequels to books they love and they understand that book to movie adaptations are just that: adaptations. They have high hopes and the look on the bright side.

Then there are those Booktubers who have not quiet mastered the art of the critical review and sound like they’re complaining all the time. Nothing can be just right for them. They don’t like this cover or that love triangle which is all fine and good but when you’re talking about it in front of a camera you really have to get the tone right or it comes off as whining and complaining. Do you want some cheese with that whine?

If you start watching Booktubers for any consistent amount of time you will notice that they all talk about the same few books, always. For instance, right now I can’t watch a booktube video without hearing something about these four books/series: Vicious by V.E. Schwab, Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi, the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu or The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Braken. Every. Single. Video. Granted these are all really great books and series but switch it up a little bit seriously! Booktubers need to get some new favorite books!

Another aspect I don’t really like about booktube is review videos. I have found that I would much rather read a book review. That way, if I haven’t read the book, I can skip parts of the review that I think might give something away. I can’t do that with a video review. If I skip to three minutes in, I might find myself lost.

The best types of videos to watch are book hauls, monthly wrap-up videos and for some reason I really like Q&A. Here are five of my favorite Booktubers and a great way to become introduced to the booktube community.

1. Little Book Owl
2. booksandquills
3. The Readables
4. Ermahgerd Berks
5. PeruseProject

Thanks for reading our discussion this week! Do you keep up with the booktube community? Are you a big fan? Let me know in the comments!


fishgirl182 said...

Great post, Crystal. That is interesting that you are seeing patterns in the videos already. I watch very few so it's not something I've seen. Thanks for the recs. I am going to check all of these 'tubers out.

kimberlybuggie said...

All good points! I'm going to check out the ones you listed this weekend. I like it that you mention seeing patterns in the video posts already. I'm also wondering if it's hard to talk about books in case they give away spoilers accidently. Usually in a review post on a blog, they warn you in advance. i hope video bloggers do this too!!

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