17 March 2014

What Does the Bookworm Say? New Adult

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So sorry for the late post guys! I've been sick and since it's spring break work has been pretty busy. This week we're talking about the genre New Adult.  

I guess I first heard about New Adult about a year or so ago.  I was confused as to whether or not it was considered YA or not because I was reading about it on a lot of YA blogs.  So I wasn't really sure what it really was. 

So, according to my understanding, it's written like YA but it's for a more mature audience because of the sexual content.  These New Adult novels are usually contemporaries following characters that are college aged.  

Even though I still haven't read a new adult novel (I planned to read one by now but it didn't happen), I have two that I really want to read and will hopefully do so soon!

I would really like to see a New Adult fantasy novel! Now that would be something that I would definitely read! 

Right now, New Adult is usually published by indie publishers.  This makes them a little bit harder to find in hard copy but also very cheap in e-book form.  Hopefully, sometime soon the big publishing houses will see how well New Adult is doing and start publishing some New Adult novels. I really think New Adult can be something big and exciting in the future! 

Do you guys like/read New Adult? Let me know in the comments!


Hanna W. said...

I knew about it but wasn't exactly sure of what it was, so thanks for clarifying! Gotta love that harry potter gif. XD

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