18 December 2009

Book Review- Need by Carrie Jones

Book description:

Zara collects phobias the way other high school girls collect lipsticks. Little wonder, since life’s been pretty rough so far. Her father left, her stepfather just died, and her mother’s pretty much checked out. Now Zara’s living with her grandmother in sleepy, cold Maine so that she stays “safe.” Zara doesn’t think she’s in danger; she thinks her mother can’t deal.

Wrong. Turns out that guy she sees everywhere, the one leaving trails of gold glitter, isn’t a figment of her imagination. He’s a pixie—and not the cute, lovable kind with wings. He’s the kind who has dreadful, uncontrollable needs. And he’s trailing Zara.

My thoughts:

About a week or two ago I read Need by Carrie Jones. I’m not a big fairy book fan but I decided I wanted to read this book anyway. Even after I have been thinking about this book over the past couple weeks, I still have ambivalent feelings towards it.

To start with, the story line was just okay. She’s the typical new girl at the high school who receives the attention from all the hot guys in the school. But this pisses off the leader of the popular girls; she is now hated becasue Miss Queen Bee had her eye on the hot guy. And obvious there is something different about Lucas (one of said hot guys) because he runs really fast and randomly appears at the most opportune moments.

Zara’s personality was a little dry. Maybe it was because she believed she couldn’t “feel anything” after her stepfather’s death. She didn’t seem interesting to me. What happened to her friends back home? Did she just decide to stop talking to them because her mom shipped her off to live with her grandma? She couldn’t have possible not have had any friends.
At least I was somewhat surprised when Ian and Meghan turned out to be pixies and her grandma turned out to be a were tiger. I also didn’t expect Zara’s biological father to be the king of the pixies. That was a little bit interesting because I would not have thought it would be possible to be half pixie.

I liked all the phobias that she repeated to herself in the hopes that it would make her feel better. It also allowed me to learn a few, as well. I also really liked the tie in of the gold dust with the book cover. The title is also great because it’s pretty much the premise of the book. While I was thinking about how I would review this book, I also thought about other paranormal fantasy books I have read that have werewolves. It seems throughout the books, werewolves are usually always portrayed as the protector of humankind from the pixies, fairies or vampires. I thought it was interesting that it’s never the other way around; that humankind never needs protecting from the werewolves.

If you are reading this, then you might have noticed the change in the name of this blog. As I was laying in bed last night, trying to fall asleep, I was playing the song “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie. "I Will Possess Your Heart" appears on Death Cab's most recent album Narrow Stairs. Here is the first verse:

“How I wish you could see the potential,
The potential for you me
It’s like a book elegantly bound
But in a language you can’t read just yet.”

I thought it would make a great name for my blog because I’m always admiring how beautiful most of the book covers are. So now, this blog will be known as Elegantly Bound Books. Let me know if you like it or even if you don't!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved NEED. Not sure why I fell so hard for it, but I did.

Justine said...

Ooooh, this seems like a nice read. I think I'd read this one :) Thanks for your review!

And I love, love, love your new blog title! Death Cab For Cutie is awesome...though I only have a few of their songs on my ipod. I also admire beautiful book covers a lot too :) They're just so .... beautiful!

Cleverly Inked said...

I loved Need. Great new name

Becky said...

Not sure if I want to read Need or not... I'll have to think on it.

I love the new name. The Great Escape reminds me so much of the film. Elegantly Bound Books is so perfect for a Book Snob (which I love). They just fit together! :-)

Karen Denise said...

The cover of NEED made me pick it up, then reading the blurb on the back make me buy it. I was disapointed. It felt like a Twilight knock-off. There were so many plot holes and flat characters that I almost didn't finish it. I did like the phobias because it was a unique addition, but even with that, the main character still fell flat to me. Great review though. :-)

Precious said...

I liked your thoughts! I guess Zara's personality was a little dry because of what happened to her. Maybe the author intended it. The book sounds interesting.
Nice review!

niconc2 said...

Great song, great band, great name for a blog!

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