06 December 2009

Review- Why I let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

Description from back of book

Sometimes you have to break away…

When my boyfriend dumped me on the last day of school, it was just the icing on a ten-layer my-life-sucks cake. Hacking off all my hair and dying the stubble orange seemed like the next logical step. Okay, I was acting out. But my parents freaked and called the travel agent, and before you could say “Let’s fix Morgan,” I was being sent on a bike tour of Ireland. As if pedaling my way across the entire country with a bunch of losers in padded shorts is supposed to cheer me up?

…to find your way.

So I’m hating the Emerald Isle, hating my tour mates, liking-yet-hating the cute redheaded guy who drives the luggage van-when a most unusual bike accident tosses me headfirst into some crazy, once-upon-a-time corner of the past…I’m talking faeries and wee folk and a hunky warrior dude names Fergus, who knows how to treat a girl who’s part goddess. (Hmm, wonder who that might be?) Now, in addition to biking across the country, I have to help undo some evil curses and perform an impossible rescue. Some vacation, right? But in the middle of all this becoming-a-legend stuff, I’m realizing there’s some growing I need to do-and I don’t just mean my hair…

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this light-hearted, comedic journey of a young teenage girl. It’s sort of what I expected it would be. It’s a quick read and really fun the whole way through. The main character, Morgan, is a typical teenager; low self-esteem, her whole world revolving around her boyfriend and her world almost ending when he dumps her. But I can really relate to her too, even though she’s only sixteen. I changed my hair almost every time my heart was broken.

Although I read the whole book, I was unsure if the dream sequences of the story were supposed to be real. It could have been her unconscious mind trying to understand the mythical legend that Colin had told the night before or maybe it was real and she showed up just when she was needed like the prophesy predicted.
In the beginning, Morgan commences the trip with her teenage angst attitude which hurts some of the people around her. But throughout the book, she realized what an amazing trip she’s on and that she should be having fun instead of sulking. I guess she finally begins to understand that the world does not revolve around her and that she should be a little nicer to her little sister.

I also really loved this book because I too have visited the Emerald Isle. Her descriptions of the beautiful countryside brought me back to my too short vacation nearly a year and a half ago. But I don’t think I would enjoy a bicycle tour in Ireland because it did rain everyday and that was during the summer. Not only do I love Ireland but I am mostly Irish and I love anything that reminds me of that trip. *Picture of me chasing some sheep in Ireland*


Audrey said...

I'm glad you liked this. It's on my to-read list!

miss cindy :) said...

This sounds really interesting, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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