10 May 2012

Review- One Moment

Title: One Moment
Author: Kristina McBride
Publisher: Egmont USA
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Find it here: Amazon, Goodreads
Source: ARC compliments of Egmont and NetGalley

This was supposed to be the best summer of Maggie’s life. Now it’s the one she’d do anything to forget.

Maggie Reynolds remembers hanging out at the gorge with her closest friends after a blowout party the night before. She remembers climbing the trail hand in hand with her perfect boyfriend, Joey. She remembers that last kiss, soft, lingering, and meant to reassure her. So why can’t she remember what happened in the moment before they were supposed to dive? Why was she left cowering at the top of the cliff, while Joey floated in the water below—dead?

As Maggie’s memories return in snatches, nothing seems to make sense. Why was Joey acting so strangely at the party? Where did he go after taking her home? And if Joey was keeping these secrets, what else was he hiding?

My thoughts: 

One Moment is about a girl going into the summer between her junior and senior years of high school and realizes just how much her life and her world can change in One Moment. As the truth unravels, she begins to understand that what she knew and what was really going on are completely different.

I was so excited when One Moment popped up on NetGalley and “read now” title at that! No permission required. I’ve been looking forward to all the great contemporary summer romance books coming out this summer and this one was near the top of my list! Even though I knew it wasn’t going to be a traditional romance but I was looking forward to unraveling all the secrets surrounding this close-knit group of friends.

Unfortunately, it was slightly disappointing and the most of the secrets were painfully obvious; obvious to everyone but the main character. Maggie loses her memory from the one moment where everything changes and spends the rest of the book trying to remember why she didn’t jump off the cliff with her boyfriend. I wouldn’t go to the extreme of saying the Maggie was annoying but she was definitely very naive. I was even getting frustrated with her when she still couldn’t recall the memory.

I am a grudge holder by nature so there is no way that I could have been a good person like Maggie and try to be friends with Shannon after everything that happened. Hats off to Maggie for being the bigger person. The ending was good and I was glad that she was able to discern the difference between the Joey (her dead boyfriend) that she build up in her head and the true Joey after all the secrets came out. And she was able to forgive him and let him go. That’s a lot to accomplish before starting your senior year of high school. I give One Moment 3 hearts for an interesting story and juicy, juicy secrets.


Varsha Dinesh said...

Oh. Cute header alert!!
Hm. Good contemporary books are so few lately! And they all seem to have TSTL heroines, sigh...Great review :)

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