28 August 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Blogger Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme of lists that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Here are my blogger confessions:

1. Book Hype: Unfortunately, I have found myself caught up in some book hype.  The one that I feel the worst about it Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  When I read the book, I thought it was good but I don't feel like it deserved the five star rating that I gave it. Everyone loved it so much and I felt like I had to love it too! One of these days I'm going to go back and change my review and rating. 

2. Twilight: The Twilight Saga are the books that got me back into reading.  I had always loved to read but while I was in college I didn't read for fun much and when I did, adult chick lit was my genre of choice.  Twilight really opened my eyes to the gems of YA!

3. Library Books: I'm ashamed but I have knowingly stolen library books.  I didn't have the intention of stealing them when I checked them out but then I never returned them. 

4. ARC Jealousy: Sometimes I specifically don't participate in In My Mailbox or Stacking the Shelves because I get so jealous of all the ARC's that everyone gets! I do get ARCs too and I would hate myself for being so jealous so it's something I've been working on and I haven't felt that way in a log time!

5. The Fae: The Fae and I do not get along! No matter how many faery books I've read I just don't like them. Yes, even the Iron Fey series! I only don't like books that are strictly about the fae but I can tolerate them when they're with a mix of paranormal creatures. 

6. Clary Fray: I hate Clary! Last summer I listened to The City of Bones and The City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare on audio book and she is the most annoying character I've come across yet! I felt like she just whined the whole time and got in the way! I couldn't continue the series. 

7. Twitter: I am almost never on Twitter. I don't get it, I don't understand and I don't understand how people spend so much time on it. I'm convinced I'm using it wrong. 

8. Blogger friends: I only, recently, made blogging friends and that was this past summer. After I had been blogging for two and a half years. It has definitely made blogging so much more enjoyable!

9. Comments: I'm the worst commenter in the world! Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say. 

10. TV: I watch way, way, way too much TV! I can count about 10 shows that I'm excited to return this fall and that's not counting all the new shows I'm going to get sucked into! I could read so many more books if I wasn't addicted to TV!


Amanda Marie said...

I'm a sucker for good TV too! lol! The only time I'm not reading is when I'm watching Grey's Anatomy or Vampire Diaries, or Once Upon a Time! I'd love to hear which shows your excited about? :)

Neyhart said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your confessions too!

Anonymous said...

aww the Iron Fey?! That is the series that made me have hope for fairy books again! I'm also crap @ commeting since I'm always at work and I totally get the twitter thing but I've really starting getting into it. Follow us and we can chat, we always need more blogging friends! ~Maggie

Cecelia said...

Great confessions! I feel you on #8 and #9. I only started making real blogging friends after I'd been at it for years. Now I'm so glad I've reached out, though I wouldn't say they're some of my 'best' friends.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I'm a TV addict too. It's a terrible dilemma when I'm torn between a book and a TV show. There are only so many hours in a day. :) I don't get Twitter for books either. I'm clueless.

Jessie Marie said...

Haha, I get ARC jealousy, too. It's human nature, I think and totally okay. Just so long as that jealousy doesn't go crazy, ya know?

And I'm so with you on the Fae/Fey thing. I cannot get into it. I'm hoping something will come along and change that but for now, I steer clear...

Great list! Thanks for dropping by The Daily Bookmark!
-Jessie Marie

PinkPolkaDotMichelle said...

TV interferes w/ my reading all the time but I HAVE to watch Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms! Anyhow I totally have ARC jealousy... all the time!!


Anonymous said...

I love when I hear things like "Twilight got me back into reading" because honestly I loathe the book and loathe the 50 Shades trilogy but when there are serious non-readers that are falling in love with reading because of these that is definitely saying something!!

I also have significantly enjoyed blogging since I have made some blogging friends and I have to say that Twitter is what helped me do it!! I think I found the majority of my favorite blogs/bloggers on Twitter, ease your way in!

Also I love your little countdown...MARA DYER AHHHHHHHHH!!

fishgirl182 said...

i love that twilight got you back into reading. that's one of the reasons why i don't like it when people try to be mean about popular books. hey, maybe i don't want to read it but if it's getting people who don't normally read or have fallen out of it to get back into it, it's a good thing. and it might start them down a path of crazy bookishness. one can hope.

i am not usually a huge fae person either. i prefer vampires, werewolves and other supes any day.

and i think you're ok on twitter. well, i mean, you tweet me back so i think you're using it ok.

love all the confessions, crystal!

West Virginia Red said...

Great list. TV and the computer have really cut into my reading. Although we have cut out cable and gone strictly Netflix which helps a little.

Always looking for blogger friends. It sometimes seems a hard niche to crack.

lillylilac said...

I've felt some of the pressure from book hype too with feeling like I had to say I loved a book even I just kind of liked it. I love tv as well and I have more than 10 shows I'm excited for this fall.

Anonymous said...

high five on watching too many tv shows! :) most times, i can survive alternating books and tv shows. please share what shows you're excited too see return this fall!

i also hear you on the 'commenting' part. maybe we're just overwhelmed with the number of great book blogs out there? :) - judie

Krystianna said...

I've actually only read one fae book, and I thought it was pretty good actually. I'm excited to read more of them. I love my T.V. too. :D

Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I think blogger friends make the whole blogging experience so much better. I don't have as many as others seem to but i appreciate them all the more.

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