29 October 2012

Middle Grade Monday: Little Magic Shop of Horrors

Hey! Welcome to Middle Grade Monday, a weekly feature I started to talk about anything middle grade bookish related! I never thought I would really enjoy middle grade novels but after reading my first one this year, I was hooked! Since I review mainly YA on this blog, I didn't want the middle grade reviews to get shuffled in with the YA books so I decided to create this feature!

Title: Little Magic Shop of Horrors
Author: Gina and Annette Cascone
Series: Deadtime Stories
Publisher: Starscape
Find it here: Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Mysterious Galaxy
Source: ARC from ALA

The Deadtime Stories by “Twisted Sisters” Annette and Gina Cascone—they’ll scare you silly and give you giggles at the same time.
Peter Newman really wants a twenty-one-speed mountain bike. That’s the grand prize for his school’s talent competition. And Peter’s pretty sure he can win it. All he needs is a talent….

When he and his best friend Bo see an ad for the Little Magic Shop of Horrors, they rush right over. For only $9.95, Peter buys a magic kit and becomes “Peter the Great.” Now he can do tricks even Houdini couldn’t perform!

The only problem is Peter can’t undo the tricks. But that doesn’t bother him too much. Until he wins the talent contest—by taking off Bo’s head! Will Peter be able to save his headless best friend?

My thoughts:

I knew that when I sat down to read this book, I would finish it in one sitting. It kind of reminded me of those Goosebump books I was so fond of when I was younger. Coming in at just around one hundred and fifty pages, Little Magic Shop of Horrors is a fun and entertaining read to pass a little time!

Peter and Bo want to win the school talent show. They decide to do a magic act so they look up a magic store in their local phone book. After several attempts to find this little magic shop with no luck, it mysteriously appears out of nowhere! The shop owner does some really weird magic tricks that make the boys even more excited about learning magic and they can’t believe it when he practically gives them a huge starter kit for less than ten dollars! Disaster ensues when Peter starts trying all these magic tricks without any kind of instruction manual.

Peter and Bo make a good team. Peter is so determined to become a great magician and to win the talent show that he sometimes loses sight what happening in reality. Bo is definitely his voice of reason and seems to understand that magic is not worth risking your life for. I have to say that my favorite character is Peter’s grandma! She is the crazy, nutty old lady who is convinced that she flew a bomber plane in WWII and that she was Houdini’s assistant. So when all this magic ensues, she gets really excited!

I love middle grade reads like this that are super fun and so easy to read! This book is only the first of the Deadtime Stories series that I've read but I can definitely say that I will be reading more of them. I give Little Magic Shop of Horrors 4 hearts because it is a book that middle grade readers will love especially around Halloween time!


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