28 November 2009

Other than books- Mr. Quincy!

A good friend of mine and I were out one day for a run around her neighborhood in June. Just as we had turned around to head back to the house, this tiny little kitten ran up to us, wanting some attention. I picked him up and asked a neighbor, who was walking by, if the kitten belonged to him. He told us he belonged somewhere at the end of the block so we walked him over there, dropped him off and hoped he would stay. We walked away and whenever we turned around to see if he stayed, he kept following us, quickly running to hide underneath the cars. We were practically at the house and he had followed us all the way home, so we though, “forget it, we’re going to keep him”.

We took him to the vet the next day and she said that there was no way he belonged to anyone because he had ticks, ear mites and an upper respiratory infection. He was only about 10 weeks old and had spent most of that time on the streets. We got him some medicine and he started feeling better instantly. His fur is white and long, which makes him look a little feminine so we had to find a name that was gentlemanly. It looks us a while, but we finally landed on Quincy. But it still didn't sound right, so we added the Mr. And Mr. Quincy is ours. Now, 5 months later he is healthy, playful and bad, just like a kitten his age should be! And he is so cute.


miss cindy :) said...

Your cat is really cute! I love cats :) My kitty and I accidentally happened, since I wasn't even allowed to have pets! I love him so much.

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