04 November 2009

Review: The Dark Hills Divide

Title: The Dark Hills Divide- Land of Elyon Book 1

Author: Patrick Carman

Released: 2005

Published by: Thorndike Press

Description courtesy of Amazon:

Elyon is a land of dark hills, enchanted forests, and great walls that connect and encircle the cities of Lathbury, Turlock, Lunenburg, and Bridewell like spokes in a wagon wheel. On her annual summer trips to Bridewell with her father, the mayor of Lathbury, Alexa Daley spends much of her time dreaming of escape. Having lived within the walls all of her 12 years, she wants nothing more than to explore the uncharted wilderness beyond. But, the walls are heavily guarded, and frightening legends suggest that forests and hills are no place for a child--especially a young girl. When a mysterious conversation and an unfortunate accident put Alexa within reach of a way outside the wall, she must decide--heed the warnings of her elders, or satisfy her curiosity and unravel the mysteries of Elyon.

I very much enjoyed reading this book. Although it was a very quick read, there was adventure around every corner. The main character, Alexa, was very smart and cunning for being only twelve years old. She was also extremely trusting of people and taking animals (I don’t care what story you’re in, talking animals are pretty crazy). Towards the end I was actually on the edge of my seat, wondering who the secret evil character was and the author was pretty good at dropping hints making me suspicious of the good characters. As much as I liked the adventure in the book, there was no romance (the main character is only 12 years old) because I picked up the book from the Juvenile fiction section.

My rating for this book is: A

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maggie said...

this was a great book to read

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