26 November 2009

thanksgiving: YAY!

Oh Thanksgiving! Such a great holiday when we can appreciate what we are thankful for (and eat a lot of food). Although I was unable to spend the holiday with my family in California, I spent it with great friends who have become as close as family. My friends and I made a plethora of great food and pies, all of which now sit happily in my tummy. I took a few pictures in order to share in the greatness that is Thanksgiving day food!

Even though there was lots of food to be made, I still made time to read some. Currently, I am reading Rachel Caine's first in the Morganville Vampire series Glass House. I am really enjoying it and I like the fact that the vampires are evil creatures in this book. Lately a lot of vampire books portray them as characterized to be sypathized with instead of feared. I like the plot line and I hope to finish it soon.


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